NFT – Coming soon Diego Bormida & 958 SANTERO

  • My first NFTs have been created in cooperation with SANTERO WINES, one of the largest wineries and main Italian tv Sponsor. I think that it was  a great collaboration to create my first NFTs.
  • SANTERO was Founded at the beginning of 1958 and consolidated by the Santero brothers, Leopoldo, Renzo, Aldo and Adelio. Located in the heart of a wine-growing region, immersed in the splendid Monferrato hills. A history stretching half a century, marked by the passion for the vineyard, expert management of the wine cellar and the love for wine and sparkling wine. Today, the production department develops the firm with care throughout each phase: from the grape harvest to the bottling phase, which takes place on-site in the completely restructured wine cellar where innovation and technology unite giving life to products with a modern appearance but age-old heart In 1958 they purchased and started a winery placed in Santo Stefano Belbo equipped for the production of sparkling and classic wines. The structures are improved, new clients are acquired, new markets open up and business is carried out abroad with great attention to market needs. In 1977 an up-to-date plant, the actual premises of the Company, was opened on an area of more than 18.000 square metres situated next to the birthplace of the writer Cesare Pavese. The factory does not process only the grapes grown at the 5 Santero’s wine farms, but also the grapes bought from over three hundred local winegrowers. They produce more than 70 milions of bottles in one year.
  • I created for 958 SANTERO many artistic bottles. From my original designs, they printed the sleevers and the sold already more than 500000 bottles with my sign. You could see them on many tv shows, like Big Brother. For the first one NFT, We had a video maker who filmed the creation of my original hand painted artwork on a 3 lt bottle, and at the end, I destoyed it with the President and owner of the Santero Wines, Gianfranco Santero.
  • Let’ s keep in touch and I’ ll let you know when will be available for sale.